Thursday, December 23, 2010

who am i

Thanks for the questions!  I can't answer them all, because there were too many.  But here's the start!

what inspires you?  My son is my biggest life inspiration.  He is kind, loving and empathetic.  He doesn't realize the scope of how large his heart is because he doesn't yet realize that there are bad things out in the world.  I am so inspired by the way he chooses to treat others.  I'm inspired by my husband, my dogs and my family and friends also.  And memories...growing up with antique dealing parents in beautiful homes from the 1800's, I learned to appreciate the beauty in classic shapes and designs.

how did you learn to knit?  My sister showed me the basics and I've used books and youtube (believe it or not) to carry on learning.  I started a sock last night but ripped it out after messing up the heel, I have more to learn for sure!

what's your favourite yarn to work with?  I love natural, beautiful wools but often stick to acrylics because I can't afford the best.  While I'd love to buy hand spun wool every time, it is amazing what you can find out there that is synthetic but looks organic.

are you on ravelry? I am!  But I'm just learning to use it.  I'm emilykp if anyone can add me, please do, as I don't know how to add you yet!

do you have a favourite time of year? This is my favorite.  I LOVE Christmas.  I love everything about it.  However, I love everything that each season brings.  The best part about the summer is the garden, which is just as great as Christmas!  time of day? Love it all really.  I used to be a morning person but now I find I'm a bit of a morning person and a night owl.

what is your favorite food of all time?  pizza.  for sure.  in fact, just thinking about it made me hungry.

if you won a million bucks what would you do with it?  Buy acreage and pay off my sister and brother's mortgages.  Buy my mom whatever home she wanted.  Pay off my aunt's mortgage.  Buy a car with heat.  Start a dog sanctuary and sustainable farm.  Invest for my son and my niece.

what's your favorite book and movie of all time? My favorite book, thats a tough one.  To be perfectly honest, probably my copy of Cesar's Way.  Because he is an inspiration, my hero and the book sums it all up for me.  I know that he's controversial, but he opened up for me my only real passion.  For that, I am forever grateful.  Favorite movie...hard one also, how do you pick just one???  I will say that my favorite genre is by far documentaries.

were you named after anyone?  Nope.  I think that mom just liked the name.  I like it too, actually.  Sometimes I wish that my middle name, Katherine, was my first.

if you could travel anywhere for free where would you go and why?  Ontario, because I miss my dad and I want Aethan to see where I grew up.  I want to go to Cuba, Spain, Italy, Costa Rica and New Zealand.  I also mostly want to go to England because I want to see where my dad is from.  But I feel very fourtunate that we can drive to amazing is that?  We live in a beautiful part of the world.  Oh, and I want to go to India, mostly to eat.

why is the sky blue? actually, it is colourless, it just appears blue due to the way that the sunlight and Earth's atmosphere behave!

what got you into making dog scarves and babushkas?  It was my sister's suggestion, and it seemed like a great idea, so Earth Walkers was born!  I'm so glad it was, because it has been my job as of late.

who is this secret agent five dog house?  The only secret agents here are the dogs themselves.  Secret agent Bez Begbie the Boston Terror is a wily, grumpy agent who is close to retirement.  Secret Agent Daisy is faithful and will do anything to protect her fellow agents.  Secret Agent Olive is not the smartest, but she's very cute.  Secret Agents Casha and Tiloup are on a top secret mission called Operation Don't Ask Don't Tell.  They came as fosters but seem to think if they pretend that they are supposed to be here, no one will suggest otherwise.  Agents Casha and Olive are also undercovers (get it, like, in bed) for Operation Snore Fest.

Thanks for all of the questions!


  1. This was way cool to read! I love your boston in your shop pics - so cute!

  2. Great post Emily! It's 1:23am and I can't sleep so I really enjoyed reading this and getting to know you just a little bit better! See you later today!

  3. Having you as my daughter and my friend inspires ME, so I just want to add a few things. I've said it before, but you are my wise woman, you have a fabulous outlook on life, you have a great sense of humour and can make me laugh, you care for your mother planet Earth, you are an amazing mom, sister and wife and you are a truly compassionate human being. Thanks for being you!