what is your blog about?  Well, so far, nothing.  But the goal is to have a blog about everything.  I started out with a blog about my shop, but that was fairly boring and no one wants to read about just a shop.  So, I started up this blog as a way to express myself about my other interests as well.  I'm still not 100% sure where this blog will take me, but it might be fun to find out!

why is your blog called 'five dog house'?  do you REALLY have five dogs?  if so, that's nuts.  Yes, in fact, there are 5 dogs here.  Daisy, Olive, Bez, Tiloup and Casha.  How a normal couple ended up with 5 dogs in the house is beyond me.  We certainly never intended to be the 'crazy dog people'.  We started off with Daisy, Olive and Bez and we enjoy fostering rescue dogs (enter Tiloup and Casha).

While it might seem crazy, and trust me, that isn't lost on us, our house isn't what people might assume.  I think that there is the thought that our house is a chaotic mess of dogs and barking, but really, if you come over, you'll see it isn't the case.  Most often people visit and say things like "your dogs are so quiet" or "your dogs are so well behaved".  Both of those statements are true.

Do we sometimes pine for the days when we were a single dog family?  Yes, sometimes.  Camping, traveling and vacations were all so much easier.  But we know we won't always be a multi-dog home, so for now, we enjoy it.  Our dogs provide us with so much joy and they are our family.