Monday, December 20, 2010

home for the holidays

Along with my regular daily posts, from now until Christmas Eve, I'm posting up dogs who are in need of homes.  These dogs are from local rescue groups and SPCA branches.  Please, if you are considering adding a dog, think long and hard about the benefits of a rescue dog.  Already spayed or neutered, they are loving, deserving and in need of a home.  

While there is a common "rescue dogs have issues" idea, this is entirely not the case.  Sure, SOME rescue dogs have issues, but no more than the problems that store bought or breeder bought pups end up with.  Out of all of the rescues that we live with, no one has issues outside of what the 'normal' dog would have.  Daisy likes to chase small, tasty cats.  This is not due to being a rescue dog, it is born from her belief that cats are delicious and are fun to chase.  

The SPCA's that I am posting dogs from are committed, experienced and loving in all areas.  They fight above and beyond for the animals in their care, but no matter what, they are not a home.  They provide the best they can in the shelter environment, but the goal is to find these dogs their own place.  A dog bed, a fireplace to curl up in front of or a couch to snooze on.  Is this so much to ask?  These dogs will be waiting while you eat Christmas dinner with your family.  They will be waiting while you open gifts and drink egg nog.  Shelter dogs are too often "out of sight, out of mind".  Please, give it some real thought and consider adopting today.

First up, Ruby.  At almost 11, this girl is far to old to be living shelter life, especially for the holidays.  She is small and super cuddly and sweet.  She can be found at the Nanaimo SPCA.


Bella.  A medium sized working dog mix, this dog is pulling at my heart strings and if we weren't full, I wouldn't be posting her here, I'd be bringing her home.  She is my kind of dog, from the smart, active working dog mind to the adorable spots. While this girl needs to be the only dog, trust me, this kind of mix is so rewarding to work with and love.  She is also at the Nanaimo SPCA.

Josie.  For those of you who think that you can't find cute puppies through rescue, I just proved you wrong.  Josie is a perfect little muffin who is available for adoption through Bully Buddies.  You can email them using the contact info found below.

Last but certainly not least, Simba.  Why this girl hasn't been snatched up already is beyond me.  I love her tiger tail ice cream like brindle and her white face.  Don't let her grey fool you, she's only 6 years old!  She loves people and toys and deserves her own home, like, yesterday!  Simba is up for adoption through HugABull along with many others in their program on Vancouver Island, the mainland and Kelowna.  

I'll be posting new dogs all this week.  PLEASE, if you are considering a dog, arrange to meet one of these lovelies or check out the other dogs that are available.

Nanaimo SPCA is at 2200 Labieux Rd or you can call them at 250-758-8444.
Bully Buddies is online at
HugABull is found at 


  1. What a wonderful and thoughtful way to help celebrate the season of giving...showcasing some great dogs that are in need of a loving home.

  2. wow...what you do is absolutely amazing. animals have such a near and dear place in my heart and coming across lovely people like you makes my heart smile big time.

    these dogs are absolutely gorgeous. so happy you came across me on brought me here and it is definitely a magical place to be :)

  3. There are some beautiful dogs there!! And yes all dogs have issue's of some sort or other throughout their life, and require training, time, attention and love. Why not make that commitment to a dog whose previous owner made and broke that promise. The love and loyalty you will recieve in return are priceless!!