Tuesday, December 21, 2010

home for the holidays, day 2

Shelters are over flowing, and in many cities and towns right now, dogs are being put to sleep.  These are good dogs of all different breeds, from all backgrounds.  These were dogs who had homes and lost them.  Dogs who didn't find a family fast enough and their time ran out.  

I'm not trying to be harsh, or be a downer.  I'm just pulling a Dr. Phil and telling you like it is.  As someone who works in rescue, I can tell you that the average story would make you cry, and the condition that some animals live in would be enough to make you throw up.  Seriously.  It is very important for the average person and the general public to fully realize and understand what is happening out there.  

For example, this is Nora.  Nora came into the shelter at a 1 on the emaciated scale.  The scale starts at 1.  Or maybe its 0.  Either way, as a nursing mom, she couldn't get worse than a 1 without dying.  Nora is doing much better now and has weaned her pups, and you can apply to adopt her.

Unless you are there on the front lines, like the ladies from HugABull, it is easy to detach yourself from what you see in photos online.  But these are real cases, real dogs and real lives right here in our backyard.  This is an epidemic and the only ones to blame are ourselves.  But instead of letting this thought weigh you down and depress you, do what YOU can for the dogs that you can help.  If it is Nora, that's wonderful.  Maybe it is Tammy, the Akita Inu cross at the Victoria SPCA.  

Tammy is below.  She was found abandoned on a property with another dog and loves people.  She's also a unique and beautiful dog.

Britney is a goofy puppy trapped in a BIG dog body.  She'd like to be the only dog, but she loves people and would love someone to hike with her and train her.  Isn't she pretty?  She's at the Nanaimo SPCA.

Call me a sucker for the unique mixes, but I love this next dog.  Isn't he beautiful?  Red is a Blue Heeler mix.  He's around 2 years old and up for adoption through the Cowichan SPCA.

Jake is a little beagle mix, for those who like smaller dogs.  Isn't he something?  What a funny little nose!  He's at the Cowichan SPCA.

And if you'd rather a puppy, Cassidy is a 3 month old Shepherd/Husky mix at the Victoria SPCA with her brother...cute!

If you are interested in these dogs, or in finding out about other dogs at these shelters, please contact:

Cowichan SPCA:  250-746-4646
Victoria SPCA:  250-388-7722
Nanaimo SPCA: 250-758-8444
HugABull -


  1. More lovely dogs to think about. I think we all remember Stanley, who is coming up to the first anniversary of his rescue. He was ignored in the kennel by all who passed by him (apart from one special person). People thought they knew the book by looking at the cover and let's face it, it wasn't a pretty cover. Who knew what an amazing and incredible dog was lying just under that tattered and disease-encrusted skin. Stanley's story offers hope to all rescue dogs and an inspiration to anyone wanting a new forever friend.

  2. anyone who works at a shelter is a saint. i can't go to the pound without breaking down and crying like a baby because i can't take every dog home with me. i really should do more and start volunteering. hopefully one day i'll have a yard again and will at least be able to foster. these dogs are beautiful and look so sweet.