Saturday, December 11, 2010

anatomy of a saturday

We slept in today, and once we were up, Adam headed out to the farmer's market for fresh eggs. Farmer Bob has the best ones, and the best chicken. His chicken are well cared for, happy birds, and the largest chickens I've ever seen, and hands down the tastiest. Once home, with 2 dozen eggs (our weekly supply), we had coffee and Aethan had tea and omlettes with brie and tomatoes.
Aethan's dad and step mom came and picked him up for the night, and I went thrifting with Emma. There are countless thrift stores here, and they are full with all sorts of finds. I scored a wonderful, large, vintage Christmas ornament, a bird feeder and an aran sweater with wooden buttons. Home for tea, prepping soup and catching up on the internet.

Check out this vintage wool I picked up for a one of a kind dog cowl:

And here, a sneak peak for my new Etsy shop that will launch in the new year. These are wool leg warmers for the little one in your life (although I'm so in love with this pair that I think I will save them for my little niece).

Sorry for the quality of the photos, I need to build a light box for these dismal West Coast days.

I might start to paint the front room, or I might not. It is the most perfect cozy winter day, I might just make another cup of tea and knit...


  1. That's a great ornament and it sounds as though you had a successful day visiting thrift stores (one of my favourite pastimes, as you well know). The leg warmers are just dear and have a wonderful olden day look to them.
    Hope you spent the rest of the day just relaxing, drinking tea and knitting.

  2. This made me smile! I'm glad you had so much fun Emily!