Friday, December 17, 2010

how do i love you....

Dear Aethan,

Ever since the moment I saw you, and before, I have loved you.

You are smart, funny, amazingly cute, caring and all around a very good boy. You have always had a good heart and you have always been naturally empathetic. When I asked you at Halloween if you wanted to take potato chips to school as a treat, you paused and asked "do potato chips have peanuts?" because you were more concerned about your allergic classmate than if you could eat the yummy chips. Not many 6 year olds would care like that. It really made me see how much you are aware of the other people around you before yourself.

Remember the day you wanted to set up a youtube account so you could comment on videos and I thought that it was because you wanted to say that the video was awesome? But really, it was because you realized that the person who made the video was sending money to Haiti, and you wanted to thank them for helping "the world". xo

And at school, you stood between 2 six graders and the kid that they were bullying to stop them from what they were doing, even though you are in grade 1 and they are bigger than you. You stood up for what you believed even though it must have been scary.

I asked you what love is you said "it is when our hearts gather together". For that alone, and just because you are YOU, I love you.



  1. I'm so grateful each and every day for having such an incredible and amazing grandson. He's always been wise beyond his loving, so clever, so interested in the world around him. Your words touched my heart and soul. I'm grateful, too for you...a loving and wise mother who is doing such a fabulous job raising this dear boy.

  2. He is pretty amazing!
    I just remember him blowing you kisses at the craft sweet :)

  3. It's all true! Aethan is wise, smart and empathetic beyond his years. And he's fun to hang around with too, especially when talking Star Wars...