Friday, December 24, 2010

merry christmas to all, and to all, a goodnight!


He knew they would agree... - Archival Signed Print
by Elly MacKay- available on Etsy here

Have a warm, safe Christmas surrounded by friends, family and animal companions. Think not of the gifts that you want to receive, but rather of the things you are fortunate to have and the gifts that you are able to give.

Eat, drink and be merry, but be sure to have a safe ride home. If Christmas isn't your thing, curl up with a good book and enjoy the silence that the holiday brings. Stoke the fire, warm the rum and find peace.

To all of the homeless pets and the broken human souls, hold tight. Christmas will pass and you can savor the hope that a new year brings. For all mankind, my wish for the holidays is this; treat yourself and your peers with kindness, treat the Earth with the respect that she deserves and treat our four legged friends as if they were your brothers and sisters.


  1. I cried when I read this. I wish that I could invite each person who is alone tonight into my home and welcome them into my family. A New Year does bring Hope. We can allow this Hope to grow into Faith and confidence by each working to reach out and uplift someone we know is struggling. The world is changed one life at a time <3

  2. So well written. Just imagine if everyone echoed these same words. We really could live in peace, love and harmony with one another.