Saturday, January 1, 2011

meet the dogs: Olive

Olive, my little, sweet baby.  Olive is the only dog who came to us as a little pup.  The only, and quite frankly, the last.  I thought that I knew what I was getting into when we came home with the warm little bundle of puppy belly and too-big paws.  I thought she would sleep, eat and be cute.  I didn't expect that she would also eat the door jam, chew the kitchen island, pee everywhere but the puppy pads and use the living room as her own personal jungle gym.

She won our hearts though, because she was so incredibly, insanely cute!

Olive is a pit bull, born to a mom who was abandoned pregnant.  Mom was taken in by a well meaning person, and she gave birth to 11 pups, including little Olive.  Mom was a sweet little girl herself, and when we went to look at the puppies there were only 3 left.  One, a chocolate brown, mellow girl was our first pick, but the family had decided that they were keeping her.  Olive and her identical sister looked the same, acted the same and were both a bit crazy...we were holding Olive, so we picked her.  

She didn't want to leave, she was scared and confused when we led her to the car, but she followed Aethan, who was 3 at the time.  At home, she wouldn't come out of the car until she saw him standing there.  I had hoped that Daisy would take her under her wing, but for the first few weeks, Daisy avoided her like the plague.   The big, crazy puppy plague.  Eventually, Olive grew into a somewhat not-so-crazy puppy, and she became Daisy's best friend.  They are very much like sisters in every way.  Every night, they share a bed.  Although Olive grew, she has never lost her crazy, goofy spirit.  You know that saying "old soul"?  Well, that does not apply to our Olive, she's a very new soul, but she takes delight in being around for the first time in the Universe.  Being a dog is SO MUCH FUN!

As cute as she is, she isn't the smartest dog in the world.  Which isn't a bad thing...but don't expect much from  her in obedience.  She's the dog who will sit when you ask her to come, lay down when you ask her to sit and come when you ask her to stay.  She means well though, and her zany personality doesn't bother me in the slightest.  I do believe that you get just the dog you need, and Olive makes me laugh everyday.  And look at this face, isn't she just the most beautiful dog?  Her fur is like velvet...

There isn't one mean bone in this body.  She's completely unaware that the general public is afraid of her breed and that they expect her to be mean.  She might be jumpy and silly, but aggressive she is not.  Even with dogs she gives them her tennis ball (the most prized possession that Olive knows), would let them eat from her bowl, share her bed and when other dogs have challenged her, she backs down and won't fight back.

I love this big meat head...I wish that she could live to be 100 human years, never run out of tennis balls to chase and never know a hard day.  She deserves it all, because she is only a very, very GOOD dog.


  1. She's such a cool dog! Great pictures Emily! I sat on the couch last night and introduced each of your dogs to my mom, Bez and Casha were her favorite!

  2. Olive is mighty pretty! We are friends of Tracing Lucky Skies, we've got a soft spot for pitties so we wanted to come by and say hi!

    Sheps w/Pep, Otis n' Edgrr.

  3. Baily is an Old Soul dog, Mesa starts each day like the last never happened and is very New Soul


  4. You forgot to mention her puppy dance when you scratch her bum, and her howl when we come home; it's like we've been gone for a year!

  5. I love that Olive is a new soul; that her experience of this world is fresh & new & joyful!

  6. i am coming to your house to hug all of your dogs!
    P.S. please tell Olive that she is GORGEOUS!

  7. Olive is a dear young soul. I think I'm going to borrow Kari's words and start each day like the last never happened...just like Olive!

  8. I have been in love with Olive since I first "met" her through the flickr video where you were teaching her to speak! I think that was the start of our e-friendship too, Em.
    Happy New Year!

  9. We (I) brought home 2 Border Collie pups in August! It had been 14 years since we had done the puppy thing and to take on 2 was a mild bit of insanity. Tina was spayed at Christmas, and her brother's surgery is next month. WE WILL NOT HAVE MORE PUPS!!! Ike and Tina are wonderful, happy kids, but they really are a lot of work. And our kitchen island will never be the same.

  10. I love your description of Olive. She's adorable!