Wednesday, February 2, 2011

anger, heartbreak and the desire to change the past.

When 2011 started, when most people were celebrating with champagne and sparklers, Brent Malcom Connors rang in the new year brutally killing a pit bull puppy in a Victoria hotel room.  Bandit, the pup, suffered broken bones, internal injuries and human bite marks.  It was horrific to everyone and a sign that this year, we HAVE to change the laws regarding animal abuse and cruelty.  I thought it couldn't get worse, that would be the major blow that rocked the core of animal advocates in our province and around the globe.

And then, beyond everyone's wildest nightmares, news broke that Outdoor Adventures, a company near Whistler who ran dog sled tours, brutally killed 100 sled dogs after the Olympics because business was down.  They were loosing money keeping 300 dogs, and after shooting them, slashing their throats and dying horrible deaths, these dogs were dumped in a mass grave.

The details of this case are truly horrific.  Although I couldn't read it all, what I did stomach silenced my spirit and changed me forever.  It is of no surprise that the man who carried out the killings is suffering from post traumatic stress disorder.  I will spare you the details on this blog, but for those curious, or for those who don't truly understand the level of cruelty happening in our country, please search out this information.  I simply cannot put what they did into words.

The dogs who witnessed the massacre of their pack, went into a frenzy, smart enough to know what was coming.  To them and to the souls of the dead, I send peace and the hope that they understand that we are not all like the monsters who did this.

To anyone involved with or that had the power to stop this, you must all equally live with that blood on your hands.  Even if you didn't pull the trigger, shame on you.  Any one of my friends would have housed even one of those dogs if they had known what they were preventing.  Their death, especially their horrible torture, was uncalled for and needless.

Run free, little wolves.  


  1. Thanks Em, this is beautiful.

    I myself am having a hard time internalizing all of this, but I think one of the most important things to keep in mind is that our profit-driven society will always marginalize the weak if allowed to do so without rigid regulations. The slaughter of 100 sled dogs at Whistler was haunting, but it was just one of a squillion acts of violence that are committed every day-- against animals and against people.

    It makes me queasy that there has to be a law that says "brutally torturing and killing animals is not ok," but I try to cope with the reality of our world and absorb that this is just the way it is.

    But what can turn us around? Surely we are not a society of heartless individuals with no sense of peace and conscience? Is it a lack of proper education for children? Is it the danger of the mob mentality (I am mostly thinking of large companies that commit atrociously inhumane acts)? Is it just pure greed?

    For another great perspective on this, check out my friend Kristine's post on this today, and the lively conversation in the comments:

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  2. I was also so saddened to have read about this. I think Aleksandra makes some interesting points.

  3. I read about this today in the paper. absolutely heart breaking and disgusting...

  4. i would have totally taken one of these dogs. if you find out about the other 200 can you let us know? i heard an interview with the guy who actually did the killings a few days before this got to be really big news and he was devastated. he said he didn't want to do it but his boss told him to and he didn't know what to do about it. it was so sad re: the animals and his awareness of his complicity with it, and total guilt for having done it altogether. XO

  5. gratitude to you for spreading this awareness.
    My heart goes out to all of the beings (living & passed) that have suffered this & other brutal events.

  6. I didn't even hear about this until reading it here! Thanks for bringing it to my attention. It's horrific and disgusting :\