Monday, December 20, 2010


Hung out with my kid again, I love spending time with this Star Wars loving, smart, funny boy.

Finally got around to reorganizing my tiny office space.  Took down the "Keep Calm and Carry On" poster and filled the spot with this vintage Toronto map.  The Keep Calm poster is headed to Adam's studio, and I enjoy having the map.  It reminds me of Ontario and is pretty cool in its own right.  Judging by the subway lines, Adam guesses the map is from the 1950's, prior to the subway extension.

I can't get over how much Aethan has grown in the last year since we've moved in.  I love having our own home to write our history on the walls...

Sales have slowed for Christmas in the shop, but a few last minute cowls went out today to warm the necks of some deserving dogs!

I played Loreena McKennitt today to boost the Christmas spirit, and our tree is still perfectly creating the mood.  I love real trees.  Especially real Charlie Brown trees.

Of course, the candles were burning today too, I love the smell of beeswax.

Christmas is coming folks!  Get in from the cold, get out of Walmart and take the season back from the imported products from China, the over produced carols and the stress.  Christmas can still be about family, friends and egg nog with rum, or whatever warms your spirit!


  1. Great photos to illustrate what you've written in this timely post. Wow...fabulous map of Toronto. Was it a thrift store find?
    It such a wonderful feeling knowing that the holiday season is about heart, home and hearth. I'm thrilled to see the candle burning brightly in the old pudding mold! Great minds do think alike, especially when they're on the same wave-length.

  2. I found you through Twitter. So nice to meet you and visit your blog. My daughter is going to LOVE your blog since she's an animal fanatic.

    Considering my boys love Lego Star Wars, and I love vintage maps, I think we'll get along just fine. ;)

  3. beautifully said. thanks for adding me on twitter, so that i could find you :)

    happy holidays. with the warmth of family, home, and beeswax candles, who needs walmart?!